Facebook Groups to Join as a Blogger

Facebook Groups to Join as a Blogger Post

Whether you’re a new blogger, looking to connect, or just getting back to the blogging community it’s helpful to be able to connect with others just like you. There are some very effective small Facebook groups as well as larger groups that are very interactive.…

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Facebook Groups and Marketing Your Posts

Facebook Groups & Marketing Your Posts

As I continue to reach out to more groups I find it hard to keep up with different Group Schedules. I would love to have more of the organic visits but in the beginning of starting a blog you’ve got to hustle to get your…

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Wonder Woman of the Month – February 2018

Wonder Woman February

Each day there are women that are doing amazing things.Taking care of the family, working hard to get to the top, and even beginning their own businesses. While making everything work at home they are going to work each day and on top of that…

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